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AMS Ferrari Group:

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From Filling Lines Know-How of VIR MAURI starts the activity of AMS FERRARI GROUP – holding of engineering , production and electronic companies.
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AMS Ferrari, Power and Potential:


AMS FERRARI's evolutionary line has constantly been characterized by a significant and rising

trend. Major breakthroughs in its field, experience acquired alongside highly professional

clients, hard international competition are just some of the elements that have

helped to forge our character and develop what are today our

distinguishing hallmarks: enormous manufacturing flexibility,

high innovative capacity, complete dedication to

customer needs, total quality of components
and materials used in our systems.

Our Mission: To be always close to the Customer


Today the complex variety of articles of wide consumption products must be carefully analyzed so that we can offer to the customer personalized solutions and global consulting services. In this was the customer finds a partner able to offer constructive technical and commercial assistance. The high technical and production potential of AMS Ferrari system allows our company to receive requests for news lines both from Italy and abroad, even for the most diverse products: soft-drinks, edible oils, lubricating oils, beside the classical still and carbonated mineral water, wine, sparkling wine, liqueurs and juices.


Our service for your Satisfaction


AMS Ferrari team has an authentic manufacturing spirit, always ready and willing to improve plant functional performance for increasing hourly throughput, testing new global markets, in a word, doing their best for a steadily growing number of Customers. Large throughput systems are a challenge and an incentive for all at AMS Ferrari, but certainly they are not the point of arrival in the process of excellence. In fact this attitude ensures that we can understand markets problems and needs, by taking full advantage of the versatility built into our manufacturing capacity.

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