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Large enough to compete at the international level and small enough to be able to respond quickly to customer needs, AMS Ferrari Team sets its packaging activities on a business philosophy aimed at creating and maintaining a flexible and light structure.
A dense network of the units around the world.
Optimal packaging technologies due to the experience and professionalism.



Increasingly attentive to the needs of the market AMS Ferrari has expanded its range of Depalletisers for empty containers (glass bottles, PET, PE, aluminum cans and tin cans, shaped containers, etc.), producing machines with many automated systems, from semi-automatic to fully automatic to serve the needs of customers in terms of cost and space.


Pick & Place
Packaging system

The case/carton packers and craters Pick & Place for traditional American box type are built by AMS Ferrari with long established technology. The bases are calculated to withstand the movement of large masses without oscillations and vibrations. The care in the formats operating, with the additional use of particians, and the most advanced electronics technology, allow achieving consistent performance over time and the machine can operate without an operator.
Optionally is can be possible to supply also the automatic patrician inserters.



AMS Ferrari builds Palletisers for:
• Bottles loose:
• Empty and full, glass and plastic;
• Shrinked Packs/Bundles;
• Cartons;
• Cases.
The level of automation is from simple and inexpensive "Semiautomatic" models to "High Speed" to 3 inputs. All motions are made with a combination of high precision mechanics and electronics that allows the determination of acceleration / braking and prepare the desired "Mosaics"(scheme of palletization) in very limited times.


Stretch Wrapping

AMS Ferrari Wrapping of Pallet with stretch film – pallet rotating type or pallet fixed type with rotating arm.
The tampers stabilizers of the pallet and devices of total coverage of the pallet, both mechanical and electronic adjustment of stretching of the film can be installed, depending on the needs of the customer.


Packaging Lines


AMS Ferrari takes part in the packaging technology with its study of solutions involving integration of packaging machines and turn-key projects. The connection of packaging machines is through conveying systems, dividing and aligning that gives the plant the Interactive-Floating system features.



AMS Ferrari Wraparound packaging machines are the machines of continuous operation and consist of:
• Carton magazine with automatic feeding;
• Preparation of the pack with pushing system, divider, eccentric motion;
• All phases of the wrapping are made ​​by patented Mechanical-Electronic system;
• Gluing of carton with Hot Melt glue.
The automatic Partician Inserter with the bottom feeding is possible.



AMS Ferrari shrink packing covers a wide range of production speed and variability of format.
The packs are built with a modular system to allow the same machine run by packaging in Film only, Flat Pad+ Film or Tray + Film.
On request, the devices for pack turning, handling application can be supplied.


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