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Capping of the bottles


Cappers of AMS Ferrari solves the problems of capping at different speeds with:
• single head capping turret;
• rotary capping machines (multi-head);
• linear capping.



AMS Ferrari designs special systems of Capsulling:
• Shrinking;
• Polylaminate;
• Champagne capsules;
• Sleever;
• Safety caps.



AMS Ferrari garantisce una perfetta tenuta con:
• bridge type wirehooder;
• rope wirehooder;
• rope wirehooder with the plate.


Packaging of the bottle


The packaging and especially the clothing of the bottles plays now a 'vital importance for the increasingly high demands of Corporate Marketing.


Labeling Machines

For this reason AMS Ferrari has, for a long time now, the group exclusively for the construction of labelers.
The constructed models cover the whole range of containers labeling:
• Paper Labels by Glue: Linear, Rotary with centering/orientation
• Wraparound paper labels by Hot Melt Glue
• OPP Roll Fed Labeling: Linear and Rotary.



The most innovative solution for the design and integrity of your products with an incisive visual impact and communicative.
AMS Ferrari also entered in the field Sleever with a range of machines that apply both the seals and partial and entire body shrink label.


High quality and flexibility in use

A - Sleever for the entire body
B - Decoration of plastic or glass
C - Decoration of plastic or glass
D - Seal on jars and glass bottles


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