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Automation and Conveyers


AMS Ferrari is a specialist in using the space provided by the customer to put into them the bottling and packaging lines and processing plants.
This service is provided considering the identifying technical, logistical and economic issues that are the real source data to optimize the engineering design.



Automation is the most important phase of the production cycle, as it provides an optimal connection of different production cycles with optimization Efficiency


Bottles Conveyer

• Conveyer Tabletop
• Accumulation Tables
• Dividers
• Floating Tables
• In-Liners Mechanical, Electronic
• Elevators/Descenders


Packs, Cartons Conveyers

• Roller Conveyer
• Conveyer Table Top
• Rope Conveyer
• Stackers
• Elevators/ Descenders


Pallet Conveyers

• Roller Conveyer
• Chain Conveyer
• Angle Deviators
• Rotating Tables
• Elevators


Chain Conveyers


Conveyer systems with a modular design aiming the best solutions for the requirements of the line, ensuring the continuous changing and discharging of working machines.

Chain Conveyers

for Glass, Pet and cans.
Metalwork strictly of stainless steel, and the profiles of the chain sliding of plastic material Polizene.


Air Conveyers

for PET bottles
Made entirely of stainless steel inside, conveying the plastic containers through the lateral air flow acting on the center of gravity of the containers themselves, favoring their advancement perpendicular to the support guides of the neck.


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